About Us
  1. Who are we?
    Cutting Edge Revelational Ministries was founded in 2002 by Apostles Justin and Lynn Heath. Their heart is to equip, train and release people in their destiny and purpose and to help mentor and support other ministries.
    So many ministers, churches and ministries are walking alone. The bible teaches that 1 can put a 1,000 to flight and 2 can put 10,000 to flight. There is more power when ministries band together as one than doing it all alone. There is so much church hurt and distrust that many ministers are reluctant to seek help because of the lack of love in so many leaders. At Cutting Edge Revelational Ministries we are here to love and to serve one another. Our heart is to expand the kingdom of God and to see the word of God spread to every person in as many countries as we can reach. If you are struggling to do it alone, we are here to help you.
  2. How can we help?
    Cutting Edge Revelational Ministries can help ministers and churches by providing ordination, mentorship, encouragement, training, and support.
    Cutting Edge Revelational Ministries provides: - Ordination - Spiritual Support & Prayer - Equipping and Training - Mentorship - Support for Missions